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What is our site about ...

Workamper Employment History is an online information data source to collect accurate information of where Workampers have worked and when they worked there.

Workamper Employers are encouraged to login here and post information on their Workampers Free of charge. The information we collect from employers is ...

  • Workamper name(s),
  • Workamper work dates (beginning - ending),
  • Campground/Resort name,
  • Campground/Resort Type (e.g. private campground, national park, luxury resort, etc.)
  • Campground/Resort owner/manager contact information.
  • Eligibility for rehire Yes, No or Not Evaluated

We DO NOT collect ...

  • Job evaluation details,
  • Workamper contact information,
  • Personal data or comments,
  • Job responsibilities .. and the like.

How this site can be useful ...

Potential employers who receive a resume from one of the Workampers listed here, can look up their entire work history (eventually) and conduct more effective reference checking.


Employers are credited with 10 free searches just for registering and are credited with 5 free lookups for each employment record posted. If the employer has never contributed to this database, then lookups may be conducted for $10 each. There is no charge if the Workamper(s) is/are not in our database.


We currently have work history dates on 11 workampers posted on this site by 10 employers. Workampers may write us or email us and request a print out of what information we have for a one time fee of $5. We will email you a link to our site where you can view any posting with your name. There is no charge if our site does not have any posting on you in our database.

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